Adopt-A-Street-Tree Program

LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciate of Forests) and The City of Toronto have started up a new Adopt-A-Street-Tree Program for the new trees that have been planted along the Danforth between Woodbine and Victoria Park.  They are hosting a kick-off meeting to get the project rolling where they will share information about the project.

The impetus of the project was to get community members involved in protecting and caring for our street trees so they can not just survive, but thrive.  Even with today’s advanced planting techniques, our street trees still have to grow in limited soil volume while facing a multitude of other urban stresses such as sidewalk salt and bicycle locks.   We are lucky enough to have 142 new trees that have been planted between Woodbine and Victoria Park – yes, you read that correctly. ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO.  Let’s help them flourish!

Intrigued to know more?  Check out the meeting!  Or the LEAF website with info about the program!

The meeting deets!

Saturday May 9, 12 noon – 1:30pm

Danforth Mennonite Church

2174 Danforth Ave

Registration recommended –

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