Outside the Box

In your community wanderings, you may have noticed a few traffic signal boxes across the City that have new beautiful art work on them – this is the Outside the Box program which ran in 2013, 2014 and now again in 2015.
There is a new Call for Artists for the 2015 program – the deadline is May 8th.  Outside the Box can help communities across the City be more vibrant places through public art in neighbourhoods.  Research shows that this kind of public art helps to reduce graffiti vandalism.  It’s also a fantastic opportunity to contribute to the vitality and beauty of our neighbourhood (and the whole city!) and support local emerging artists.  The deadline for applications is May 8, 2015.
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2 Responses to Outside the Box

  1. Bill Polski says:

    Talking about artists in our community, did you notice that we have a new art gallery at 2640 Danforth, 1 block east of Main, on the north side of the Danforth. They had a couple of interesting exhibits, one was of wearable art, by a group of women artists. The gallery is called Areej Art Gallery.

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