Two tiny community notices

Two tiny, but important, community-oriented notices for this post.

First, if you haven’t already discovered our ‘hoods newest coffee-shop-meets-book-store yet, called ‘Press,’ it’s worth checking out.  They’ve got great coffee and tea, and an excellent selection of used books, vinyl records and DVDs.  So, while you’re chillin’ with your latte, take a gander through the stacks.  They’re featured on blogTO, along with several other stores and restaurants along Danforth East.

Second is some beautiful and poignant local art that has popped up in our ‘hood.  A painted image of Corporal Nathan Cirillo appears on a utility box on the north side of Danforth, just east of Main Street.  It’s a bit tricky to see the image as it faces into traffic – so your best bet to see it ‘live’ is either from the south side of Danforth, in a vehicle, or a strategically-timed peak around the side of the box when there’s no traffic coming.  Danforth Secordian and local photographer Tracey Nolan captured the image for Remembrance Day – which you can see on instagram.

Corporal Nathan Cirillo was shot and killed on October 22, 2014 at the National War Memorial in Ottawa by Michael Zihaf-Bibeau, who later stormed the Centre Block of the House of Commons where he was shot dead.  You can find out more about Corporal Cirillo here.

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1 Response to Two tiny community notices

  1. Kendra says:

    The art work is truly lovely. Can’t wait to try Press!

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