Friends of Coleman Park

There is a new group forming called Friends of Coleman Park.  They are gathering community members, city workers from Parks and Rec, Councillor Janet Davis, representatives from Toronto Police (etc) to explore how Coleman Park might be improved.  They’re looking to improve safety (for example, better lighting), reduce garbage and noise, up-dated infrastructure and equipment (such as a new concrete ping-pong table), and ensure that the park continues to be a vibrant community space used and accessed by all members of the community.

Interested?  Check it out!  They are having their first meeting on Wednesday September 23rd, at 6pm in Coleman Park, one block north of Danforth Ave, one block east of Main St.

Interested but can’t make it?  Connect with email organizer Mark Kerwin via twitter @markkerwin.  A Facebook group will be started soon, and potentially a group email address (at which point I will update the group on contact info).  Alternatively, you can post a comment here and I can pass the information along to Mark.

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