Help Crescent Town School

The students and staff at Crescent Town School made a film last year called ‘Imagine the Change’ which was screened at Jackman Hall at the Art Gallery of Ontario and also at Toronto International Film Festival’s “TIFF in the Park” event at Dentonia Park last summer.

Their intention in making the film was to bring awareness to their deteriorating play space – the school is situated on a hill and their play area has eroded into a mud pile – and instigate some kind of change, including a better yard.  As a community, Crescent Town is a dense ‘inner-suburb,’ populated in great part with newcomers to Canada in its high-rise buildings.  Access to outdoor space is limited within the community, and all the more reason a good yard is needed as part of the school to provide kids with a space to play, run and explore on a daily basis.

They are currently seeking business partners to work with the school to build a better yard.  If you know of any businesses who might be interested in working with the school and students, let them know to be in touch with the school at 416-396-2340, or email the school’s group heading up the initiative at

Here is a link to the video via YouTube.

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2 Responses to Help Crescent Town School

  1. Bill Polski says:

    The kids did a good job making this video! Who helped them? Are any of the local politicians involved in helping these kids? How much would it cost to build a retaining wall, and put down sod? I notice the video was made last year. Has any business come forward to help yet?

    • I’m not sure about any of your questions, Bill! And they are good ones! If you haven’t already, maybe drop a line to the email address listed in the post and find out more. I know the students with the help of teachers/staff made the video last year and it was presented at the AGO and at Dentonia Park/TIFF-in-the-park.

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