Danforth Secord in Toronto Life

Danforth Secordian Nayamath Syed speaks out in GTA magazine Toronto Life about his experiences in our ‘hood, focusing on Secord School’s crumbling infrastructure.

It’s a worthy read, and Nayamath is clear and focused in his description of his experiences. What’s a bit disappointing about the article, I think – and about the broader series Toronto Life is doing this month which they’re labelling under the hashtag #TorontoIsFailingMe – is that it fails to address the positive nuances of what they are calling the ‘inner suburbs’ (I suspect this lack of attention is not Nayamath’s fault, but a decision on the part of Toronto Life! #TorontoIsFailingMe is far more dramatic than #IreallyLikeWhereILiveExceptforTheseImportantDetails).

I, frankly, love our neighbourhood, despite it’s aging infrastructure and the ease with which many decision makers overlook our community’s needs.  I could write a whole book on why this might be, but I’ll leave that for now, only to say that the squeaky wheel gets the oil; and our community has a history of members who might not be as savvy to the inner workings of policy/politics as other more affluent neighbourhoods. And, of course, the article also overlooks the progressive teaching and excellent staff at Secord School that are providing great support to our kids within the decrepit building.

But perhaps this is where articles such as this might help us – if the squeaky wheel does get the oil, then perhaps this is a good, noisy wheel to turn. It’s harder to ignore clear and passionate articulations like Nayamath’s – especially when concerning the health of our children.

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1 Response to Danforth Secord in Toronto Life

  1. Joy Lad says:

    Secord is am amazing school with great spirit. The staff, parents and community work to provide an outstanding education for all the students. The TDSB and the province need to make this school a priority. Port-a-pacs are a temporary solution. The community is growing and needs a K-8 school to provide the space for students. TDSB – please make this a priority. So that the whole school community have a safe (mould free) school that will meet the needs of the community.

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