McCordic Playground

For those of you who are parents, you have probably noticed that the beloved McCordic School Playground (on Balfour, west of Dawes) has been locked when not in use by the school.  This popular playground has apparently been opened again recently, but is to be locked again once the school year begins.  The school cites vandalism and discarded hazardous materials (ie, condoms, needles and broken bottles) as the reason for locking the gates – and fair enough.

Working from the perspective that parks and playgrounds are public spaces to be enjoyed by the broader community, a group of local parents is working to find a solution to keep the gates open.  They’ve been in contact with the TDSB and Sheila Cary-Meager (the TDSB trustee for our area), and they’re planning for a meeting soon to discuss options.  And, of course, they need broader community support – here’s where we come in.

If you’re interested in lending your support or generally keeping tabs on how the issue progresses, consider joining the group’s email list by emailing:

Additionally, if you see or hear anyone loitering at McCordic Playgorund after dark, call 54 Division at 416-808-5400.  And of course, in cases of emergencies call 911.

Attached is the groups flyer. McCordicSchoolPark flyer summer 2014 Ver 2

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