Call for Proposals: Dawes Crossing

A call for proposals has been issued for community activation of Dawes Crossing.  Successful applicants can receive up to $1000 to produce a community event at this new site.

Created in 2012 by artist Noel Harding, Dawes Crossing is a unique public art installation located at the intersection of Dawes Road and Victoria Park. Its structure references the barns that were prevalent in the area and Dawes Road’s history as a major agricultural trade route connecting farmers with St Lawrence Market. It also represents a bridge or urban connector and creates a public gathering space with table, and laptop desk work spaces (free Wi-Fi and AC outlets included, which are supported by on-site solar panels!).

East End Arts (Local Arts Service Organization (LASO) created to serve the east end of Toronto) is now accepting proposals for ideas that use this super-cool structure to bring art and/or local community members together. Up to 2 proposals will be awarded up to $1,000 to develop and present their proposal in 2014. Examples of events/activities might be: an arts performance or workshop, a community BBQ, a local artisan show/sale.

For more information about how to apply, priorities for the initiative, and the selection process, follow this link.

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