Taylor Creek Bridge Celebration

Remember when that crazy flood that happened in Spring of 2012 and washed away the bridge across Taylor Creek that connected Halsey and Barrington Avenues?  Well, that bridge has been reconstructed!

Councillor Janet Davis is hosting a celebration on Saturday July 12th at 10am, which will include cake and ribbon-cutting.

The festivities will be followed by an walk through Taylor Creek Park hosted by Dianne Dietrich of the Toronto Field Naturalists. The walk will begin at 11am (after the bridge ceremony) and continue until around 1pm. If you’re thinking of joining the walk, best be prepared by wearing sturdy shoes, and bring water, bug repellent and binoculars.  And, if the length of the trek proves to be too much, participants can always duck out at Coxwell if they would like a shorter walk.

And apparently plans are afoot to replace the remaining bridges in Taylor Creek that were destroyed that same Spring.

For more information, feel free to contact Councillor Davis’ office at 416-392-4035 or check out her website: www.janetdavis.ca

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