Community Clean-up Weekend

Spring is trying really, really hard to spring. Warmer weather, sunny skies, birds emerging, melting snow…. And with the melting snow we discover just how much garbage has been littered throughout our community during the entire winter (and it’s been a long one…).

The City is again holding Community Clean-up days, happening this year on April 26 and 27. There are a couple of ways to become involved:

1) You can organize your own crew: gather some neighbours and find yourself a corner in the community to clean up. You can register you Clean-up HERE and the City will give you supplies (garbage bags, etc) and arrange to take away the full bags at the end of it all.

2) You can join a Clean-up Crew that’s already organized. You can find a list of currently registered Clean-ups HERE.  For our (approximate) community, it looks like there are groups in Crescent Town, Stan Wadlow, Taylor Creek, Topham Park and at Victoria Park and Danforth.

If you do decide to start your own, let me know by emailing danforthsecord[a] I’ll compile a list of local Clean-ups and post it closer to Clean-up Days.

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