New urban design!

While it’s still in the works, the City of Toronto’s Urban Design team is working with Danforth Village BIA, and Councillors Janet Davis and Mary Margaret McMahon on a new streetscape along Danforth between Dawes Rd and Victoria Park Ave.  And apparently it involves trees.

Gone are the days of planting trees in concrete boxes and wondering why they don’t grow larger.  These trees (when/should they happen) will be planted properly in the ground with the potential for their roots to establish.  With established roots, these trees will grow larger, provide beautiful leafy foliage and respite from the summer sun.  I don’t know about you, but I’d love a bit of buffer between myself and traffic when walking along that busy stretch.

At some point, a meeting will be held to get feedback from community members on the plan.  Details will be provided as they emerge.

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1 Response to New urban design!

  1. WOW! fantastic news. thanks for sharing Julia. one of my biggest complaints about the hood is those root-bound trees in concrete boxes!

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