Secord needs help! Make some noise!

Our local school needs our help!

Secord’s Parent Council is asking community members to help their cause.  After months of community consultation last year, a new plan was established to change Secord to be a K-8 school (currently it is K-5), in addition to changes in structure for other local schools including DA Morrison and Parkside.  Part of this change  would involve funds allocated to Secord to increase and improve infrastructure.

Trick is, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has yet to approve the plan.  And without this approval, when funds start flowing again from the Province (which are currently frozen), the new plan for these schools will not move forward.

Here’s how you can help: consider sending an email to the TDSB trustee committee asking for their approval – they are meeting tomorrow evening, June 12 (sorry for the late notice).  Include on the email:

Sheila Cary-Meagher (our trustee):
Chris Bolton (Chair of the Board):
Michael Prue (our local MP):

Janet Davis (our Toronto City Councillor):

Secord Parent Council:

Here is a link to a suggested letter.

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