Two bits of Community Action

Two bits of community action Danforth Secordians should be aware of:

1) The Dentonia Park Community Blog has put out a call for volunteers to form a committee in teh efforts to revitalize Maryland Park and update its playground.  Members of the committee (named Playground Revitalization of Maryland Park (PROMP)) are being asked to contribute creative ideas to in anticipation of a meeting with Councillor Janet Davis on the topic. As an added bonus for volunteering, the Dentonia Park folks want to assure everyone that you will get an opportunity to choose a better name for this committee!  Here is their original post.

Interested?  Connect with the Dentonia Park peeps at

2) A new blog, Eastdale Action, has emerged as a forum to keep up to date on the progress with the 90 Eastdale Ave project. The blog has assembled a mass of information including City reports, OMB information and Developer documents, as well as acts as a forum for people to post information or suggestions on the various proposals as well as community and tenant issues.  The blog is meant to be a positive forum connecting this specific development issue with the broader community and it’s broader issues.

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