Shout out: Dentonia Park Community Blog

A shout out to the new (and awesome) Dentonia Park Community Blog! The blog was created to bring neighbours together around Dentonia and Maryland Parks.  The group writing the blog is interested in organizing year round community events in and around their green space. Ideas already tossed about include a skating rink, summer festival, farmers market, and community environment days.  All good stuff.

What I learned on their fantastic hub of a blog, was that things are brewing for the site where Dentonia Park United Church now stands – there is interest from developers to re-develop the site.  There was a community meeting on July 24th and here is a link to the post with details on the meeting.  It looks like the developers are interested in building several new, single family homes.

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1 Response to Shout out: Dentonia Park Community Blog

  1. Dentonia Park Community says:

    Thanks for the shout out, Danforth Secord Community! We’re really excited about all of the possibilities that are awesome parks can serve up – YUM. Looking forward to welcoming all of our amazing neighbours to our green space paradise.

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