Community Meeting reminder – 90 Eastdale

A reminder that tomorrow (June 27th) is the City’s Community Meeting about 90 Eastdale Ave, held at Secord School starting at 7pm.

City planners will be there with the property owner  to discuss options for a proposed new building on the site of 90 Eastdale.

If you are at all concerned, please attend the meeting.  The more support there is from the community expressing concerns about this proposed building and the health of our community more broadly, the better.  If you are not able to make the meeting, please consider dropping our councillor, Janet Davis, an email, and cc City Planner Leontine Major.  Even a quick note saying “I have concerns about the proposed 90 Eastdale Ave project” gives decision makers information about community sentiments and needs.

Councillor Janet Davis –

Leontine Major, Senior Planner –

Briefly, some of the issues about the proposed new building are: 1) adding more concentration to an already dense urban area, 2) stretching current infrastructure further in one of the City’s “Priority Neighbourhoods” (where it is recognized that increased support is needed for parks, transit, community services and facilities, etc), 3) access to the proposed building will not be on a public road but via a private road which does not promote safety (people can’t see the entrance from the road and vice versa), 4) and raising questions about decreased sunlight, increased wind tunnels and overwhelming the neighbourhood.  For more detailed information about some concerns and issues with the proposed building, see my original post.


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