Renew and revitalize

Not sure if any of you read local writer Catherine Porter’s article in the Toronto Star about empty storefronts.  In essence, Catherine’s wrote about an experiment in the Australian city of Newcastle where empty storefronts were temporarily filled with local artists, non-profits and small businesses, to eventually make way for full fledged businesses.  Follow this link to find out more about Renew NewCastle.

Now, DECA’s Business Revitalization Team is pairing up with a residents association around Gerrard Street (Gerrard East Community Organization) to present an evening with Marcus Westbury – the guy who spearheaded Renew NewCastle. The event will cover how the Newcastle experiment is going and how we might learn from it.

The event is taking place on Wednesday, March 7th from 7-9 p.m. at the Naval Club (1910 Gerrard Street East – just west of Woodbine).  There will be food on hand, drinks can be bought and the inspiration will flow freely.  It’s pay what you can, just to help them cover the cost of the space.

And, of course, it will be a blast.

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