Go West

Two things coming up to the West of us that might  be of interest to Danforth Secord folks.

FIRSTa skating party!  The Earl Beatty Community Centre family annual skating party is this Sunday (February 12th) 2-4 p.m. at Monarch Park – right beside the pool.  Everyone is invited!

There will be fun with music, games and a crazy scarf contest – the colourful, wierd and wacky are welcome.  Come out and win a prize! Games include spot skates and races for all ages.

The Community Centre’s Advisory Council will be putting out a great spread – hot chocolate and marshmallows and home baked goods. Coffee will be supplied by Red Rocket Cafe and Cozy Cafe will be offering their famous cinnamon buns.

(Children under 6 must wear a CSA approved helmet.)

SECOND – our friends at Silly Goose Kids have organized some fun times for Family Day!  For more information, click on the link below to see a detailed poster.

Family Day Poster 2012

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1 Response to Go West

  1. Jenn says:

    thanks for the heads up about the winter party at Monarch Park–we’ll be there!

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