City Council meets this week!

As you are probably well aware, there are still significant cuts to the City’s budget that are being considered.  City Council starts meeting on January 17th at 9:30am to discuss the budget.  This means it is NOT TOO LATE if you have any concerns.  Please do not be shy about getting in touch with our councillor, Janet Davis, to express your opinion.

Her email address is:  And her office number is: 416-392-4035.

If you do send an email, consider cc-ing the Mayor and any members of the Executive Council on that email.  Here is a link to a list of City Councillors.  If you are not sure who is on the Executive, feel free to email me at danforthsecord[a] and I can pass that along to you.

Most locally, our beloved Secord Community Centre is slated to lose its priority status (as the entire “priority centres” program is proposed to be cut)  – this would be a significant blow in a high needs area.  There are still forms at the Community Centre – if you haven’t already, go and sign one. The Secord School Parent Council will be gathering them and sending them along to Councillor Davis.

Other cuts being considered include:

  • The Toronto Public Library has to find another $7 million in cuts, beyond the $10 million in cuts already approved.
  •  Ending city programming at 5 shared-use TDSB pools.
  • Closing 3 daycare centres.
  • Closing 5 wading pools and 2 outdoor swimming pools.
  • Cutting TTC service (while raising TTC fares).
  • Ending grants to many non-profits and charities in the Community Partnership and Investment Program (CPIP).
  • Cutting investment in new trees.
  • Delayed hiring of 36 paramedics and 68 firefighters.

Activism actually does work – for really, really.  As an example, The Budget Committee backed down from closing 12 community recreation centres and ending nutrition programs for 14,000 Toronto kids.  Secord School will be able to keep it’s much needed nutrition programs because citizens of this city called, emailed, and showed up to depute.

It matters.  It’s your city and your community!

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