Kids in the ‘hood

Wanted to feature two new-ish kid-oriented stores.

The first is tickle tots, located at 49 Dawes Road, just north of the Danforth. The store specializes in new and used children’s clothing, maternity wear, furniture and other kid gear.  You can shop or bring in items to sell to the store.  I’ve gotten some great finds for my kids – for those of you with little people under 4-ish, it’s worth checking out.

Second is a toy store called Silly Goose Kids.  And while it’s technically outside our ‘hood, it’s such a great store I thought it deserved a mention.  Located at 2054 Danforth Ave (just west of Woodbine) the store features mostly toys, but also some practical fare like slings and carriers, shoes and clothes, hats and mitts.  Plus for the holiday season, they are charging $1 for gift wrapping with all profits going to a toy drive for Woodgreen Community Services.


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