More news on the tree front

There have been 17 trees planted on Dentonia Park Ave between Dawes and Palmer, at the back of the Catholic School that fronts on Balfour Ave.  Yes.  SEVENTEEN new trees.  To be honest, I’m not sure when they were actually planted; I would imagine with the fall planting that the City does each year (they do two plantings: one in fall, one in spring).  I got a report about the new neighbourhood additions just tonight.  I can only assume they were planted in part due to our asking about getting more trees in our ‘hood!

Any other tree-worthy spots?  Be sure to post a comment with ideas – I’m happy to connect with Janet Davis’ office to get the ball rolling. (or heck, you can call the office too!)

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1 Response to More news on the tree front

  1. Dominique Denis says:

    Any tree is a good tree (although some Manitoba maple owners might disagree…)
    However, allow me to reiterate my thought about planting vines on the wire fence overlooking the TTC streetcar lot overlooking Barrington. That’s an easy win if I ever saw one…

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