Important Community Meeting – 22 storey building proposed

The City of Toronto is holding a Community Consultation Meeting about a proposed new 22 storey building to be located at 90 Eastdale Ave: the meeting is on Wednesday, Nov 9th at 7pm, at Secord School.

The proposal by the property owner of 90 Eastdale is for a new 22 storey building with 208 condominium units.  An earlier proposal shows the new building will go behind (i.e., west of) the current 24 storey building at 90 Eastdale, with a private road giving access to the new building.

The property owner has submitted a couple of different proposals in the past to the City for this site.  This community meeting on Wednesday will give us a chance to learn more about the current proposal, to see the plans, and most importantly, to ask some questions and give our opinions.

So, what’s the deal, anyway?

In looking at the City’s Official Plan (which describes the City’s objectives for how and where communities in the City should grow), there are some things about the proposed building that seem to go against the City’s growth objectives.

1)     In “Apartment Neighbourhoods” (90 Eastdale/2 Secord fall into this category), major growth is not intended in these areas – they are already pretty dense and stable.

2)     New buildings should improve “quality of life” for new and existing residents – new buildings should come to the edge of streets and parks, not overwhelm the neighbourhood, maintain sunlight and comfortable wind conditions for pedestrians on near-by streets, parks and opens spaces.

3)     New buildings should front onto and provide pedestrian entrances from a public street (i.e., not a private street inside the grounds of the property – this does not promote safety.  Entrances should be on public streets where people can see the entrance and each other).

4)     90 Eastdale/2 Secord lies within one of the City’s thirteen “Priority Neighbourhoods” – meaning the neighbourhood is in need of support by improving local parks, transit, community services and facilities, improving existing housing and building new, improved housing.

A major question about this proposal should be: would this building make things better for our neighbourhoods environmental sustainability, safety, residential amenities (ie, schools, libraries)?

If these issues are of concern to you, I would highly recommend attending the meeting.  If you can’t attend the meeting, you can still make your views known by sending a fax to 416-392-1330, or by writing Gregg Lintern, the Director of Community Planning, Toronto and East York District, City Planning Division, 100 Queen Street W, Floor 18E, Toronto, ON, M5H 2N2.

The City’s staff report that was written on the earlier proposal in 2010 is available here:

Although the current proposal has changed, staff at the City say a lot of the information in the report is still relevant.

If you would like more information about the current proposal, please contact Leontine Major, Senior Planner at 416-397-4079, or by email at

Or contact Councillor Janet Davis’ office at 416-392-4035.

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