Public Meeting: Crescent Town Elementary

The TDSB is holding a public meeting about the possibility of converting Crescent Town Elementary into a JK to Grade 4 school to make room for Full Day Kindergarten.  As it stands, Crescent Town can’t accomodate it’s current JK to Grade 5 structure AND implement Full Day Kindergarten.

The following recommendation is being considered about how to accomodate this change:

– convert Crescent Town ES from a JK to Grade 5 to a JK to Grade 4 school

– relocate Grade 5 from Crescent Town to George Webster

– convert George Webster from a JK to Grade 5 to JK to Grade 8 school

Those living in the catchment areas for affected schools (Crescent Town ES, George Webster ES, Secord ES, Gordon A. Brown MS and D.A. Morrison MS) are invited to attend the meeting.  Information will be available at the meeting or on the TDSB website.

Secord Elementary will probably be in a similar quandry in the near future  as it is scheduled to have Full Day Kindergarten in 2014-15 (when all Elementary schools must have Full Day across Ontario).

Meeting Details

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 7pm

at Crescent Town Elementary School, 4 Massey Square (at Victoria Park Station)

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2 Responses to Public Meeting: Crescent Town Elementary

  1. Sue says:

    Just wondering – how do people with small children feel about full-day kindergarten?

    • lola says:

      I don’t like the idea of full day kindergarten – I think its too much for the little ones. I personally hate the idea.

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