Call for Suggestions!

Being a grumpy, rainy Friday night, we were having one of those nights where we ordered in (they happen from time to time…).  We ordered in Thai food, from the very tasty Thai on Danforth (at 1779 Danforth Ave – a little outside our boundaries, but reachable and good).  But, when I was told that our order was going to take OVER AN HOUR, I thought that I really should expand our repertoire.

And so I ask you, fair readers, what local restaurants do you enjoy? They can be sit-down, take-out, delivery.  Anything goes.

One that I would heartily recommend is Sultan, at the north east corner of Main and Danforth.  Quite possibly the best falafel I have ever had in my entire life.  Really.

Any other recommendations?  As a test, see if you can stick to our Danforth Secord boundaries, although anything within throwing distance will do the trick too.

(As reference, we’re currently calling our boundaries: Lumsden/Taylor Creek to the north, Dentonia Park to the east, the train tracks to the south, and Westlake to the west.  This is all negotiable, of course, but that’s what we’re saying these days).

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6 Responses to Call for Suggestions!

  1. Mike says:

    My vote is for Grumbles on the west side of Main, south of Danforth. They have a good macaroni and cheese that you can either eat in their dining area, or take away to enjoy at home. They also have a decent deli counter with a wide selection of cheeses and meats. And then there’s the treats….

    It’s a bit of an odd joint – lots of “character”, shall we say; it’s dark, old, and a little bit cramped. But when you grab a table in the back corner, you can feel like you’ve taken a step away from the busy streets outside.

  2. Amanda Reeve says:

    Does anyone like Indian? Poonam Delight (across from Cdn Tire) Is great – We only take-out but her (Gurnam) butter chicken is amazing! She lets me walk out the back door to avoid walking all the way around! The only other local place we use regularly is a Jamaican place called Cool Runnings, just a little further to the east on the same side. KC`s chicken roti is fantastic, although Alvaro prefers the oxtail and curried goat combo.


  3. Melody says:

    Well, I’m always partial to Duckworths Fish & Chips. They have been around for ages (I think they opened in the 20’s?) and never had a bad piece of fish and more fries than I can count. When I’m stuck for a meal this is always on my list.

  4. My family and I really enjoy Double Sushi (On Danforth, east of Main, in the same building as the Pizza Pizza). From the outside it doesn’t look like much but, trust me, the food is amazing. Every dish is made with the freshest ingredients, the service is quick, the staff is very courteous, the portions are good and the prices are great! Even the Japanese music is authentic and so refreshing. They serve the best tempura I’ve ever had and my children enjoy the edemame and the Japanese chicken balls. It’s a gem that’s worth cheking out!

  5. Sue says:

    We don’t eat in at neighbourhood restaurants very often but we do order in a couple of times per month. Our favourites are Makkah (416-406-2056) for excellent Indian, Thai Wok (416-423-2388))for amazing Thai food, and Diamond (416-691-1777) for great pizza and Greek. We have been stuck on these 3 for years – really good food and really nice staff. My 15-year-old is addicted to the kabobs and shawarma from Sultan, too.

  6. Alexandra Posadzki says:

    Hi there! I’m a journalism student at Ryerson working on a profile of the Danforth Village neighbourhood (from Westlake Ave. to Victoria Park). Would you be willing to chat with me via telephone for a couple of minutes about issues affecting local residents? You can reach me at


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