Two Danforth Secord Sweet Spots

A couple of Danforth Secord sweet spots.

Diamond Pizza

If you haven’t discovered Diamond Pizza yet, get on it.  Located at the corner of Main and Lumsden, they make excellent pizza with free delivery on orders over $12.  Apparently they have other things on their menu, such as souvlaki, homeburgers, chicken wings, sub sandwiches, but frankly, we haven’t gotten past the pizza.  Tasty.

Open 7 days a week.  Phone number is 416-691-1777.

Laboni Hair and Esthetics

New kid on the block Laboni Hair and Esthetics offers a range of beauty-related services, including hair cuts and colour, and esthetic services such as waxing (Arabic waxing – Shera – available as well), eye brow threading, among others.  Laboni herself did a mean job threading my eye brows for a very fair $5.

Located at 2588 Danforth Ave (between Main St and Barrington Ave). 647-347-9099.

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2 Responses to Two Danforth Secord Sweet Spots

  1. Rob Lundeen says:

    Diamond Pizza’s chicken wings are part of the reason we moved to the East end of the city in the first place. Yum.

  2. Robin Millar says:

    We had a horrible pizza just last night for movie night with the kids and were just saying that we needed a new spot….so Diamond it is next friday! Eyebrows for $5 in Toronto I thought you only found that in Vietnam! Thanks for the great tips.

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