Light the Night

Looking for a super easy way to promote a safer community?  Try turning on your front porch light during the night.  Yes, it really is that easy.

Last year, the Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy (TAVIS for short) teamed up with Toronto Hydro to promote “Light the Night” – this specific initiative worked with Toronto Community Housing in targeted neighbourhoods and assigned 90 additional police officers and six support staff to work with the community to replace burnt out porch light bulbs with free CFLs (energy-efficient compact flourescent light bulbs).  Here’s a news release from Toronto Hydro on last summer’s program.

Maybe we can take a page from this initiative?  Why not leave on your porch or balcony light for passers-by during the night?  If you’re concerned about hydro costs, replace your bulb with a CFL – the upfront cost might be more than a regular bulb, but the long term savings are worth it.  Leaving your light on makes for a much safer walk, and makes for a much more welcoming street and neighbourhood.

If you’re concerned about your backyard, you can install a motion sensor on your back light – easily found at your local hardware store.  Also, mowing your lawn regularly and trimming overgrown trees, shrubs and hedges can go a long way for safety – and frankly, it looks much better too!

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2 Responses to Light the Night

  1. Kendra Fry says:

    But please, please, please don’t put up those huge backyard constant running flood lights that shine directly in your neighbours bedrooms. Our neighbours to the back have done that under the guise of safety. It’s quite difficult to block that light out.

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