Get a free tree!

What better way to green your street, than to put a tree on your property?  Trees provide great shade in the summer and reduce winds in the winter, filter air pollution, generate oxygen, provide great habitation for birds, improve property values, and, of course, are beautiful.  Our neighbourhood is in need of some trees, and as we know, they take a while to mature.  The sooner they get in the ground, the better.

For home owners in the ‘hood, check out the City of Toronto’s free front lawn tree program.  Send in a form from the website requesting a tree (you can even request which species you would like); plantings are in both the spring and fall.

For information about a subsidized backyard tree planting program, contact LEAF (Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests).

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4 Responses to Get a free tree!

  1. Jenn says:

    hoorah Julia! great to see the blog up and running!

  2. Rob Lundeen says:

    This blog is a great idea! Good first post. We have more trees that we can shake a stick at on our property! But I’ll spread the word to our tree-less neighbours.

  3. is there a way we can get the city to plant more boulevard trees?

    • Good question – I’ve actually made a call to Janet Davis’ office about getting some trees along Barrington at the subway station – not sure if that’s City or TTC turf. I’ll let you know what I hear. Are there other places in the ‘hood that need them? I’m happy to ask.

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